1 Million March, 5 Million Cancel Brexit Petition, Has The Need For Brexit Changed?

This weekend over 1 million people from across the United Kingdom visited London in order to march against Brexit. The fact that 1 million people took the time and money to the travel and match in London against Brexit and calling for a people vote,. This included politicians, businesses and people from every walk of life old and young. When compare with the few hundreds of people that march with Nigel Farage recently, it perhaps shows the significant change in people will. Even the UK weather appeared to be with the 1 million matching for a people vote in London, as it was sunny all weekend. As suppose to the the rain during Nigel Farage march.

In addition to the march, the petition started in February to cancel Brexit or other revoke article 50, which initiated the steps to leave the EU, has now reached over 5 million signatures, even breaking the government website where the petition was started and signed. It is now the largest signing petition ever. To give a rough idea what how big this is, the closest petition to this, is that, the second largest signing petition received only 500,000 signature and this was for not allowing ISIS members return to the UK. Third in line was the petition to leave EU with a deal on March 29, which received only about 500,000 signature too.

Although the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has been able to agree an extension to article 50, it seems there are elements within her conservative party, the ERG and hard Brexiteers that are still willing to go against the people’s will and force the UK to leave without a deal. And even worst refuse people from voting on the match significant government policy in a generation. They say numbers don’t lie and the people have spoken through the numbers. Instead of threat against those who support a people vote, perhaps it is time for a people vote?

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