250 Companies Discuss Move To Amsterdam, Economist Challenges Reece Mogg To Naked Debate, Should We Be Worried?

It is now 44 days until brexit, last week saw the Dutch government comfirms that over 250 companies are in discussion to move to Amsterdam. Also a well know economist and academic Dr Victoria Bateman from Cambridge went naked live on TV to challenge Jacob Reece Mog to naked debate on Brexit. In addition to this, Eurostar just increase routes to Amsterdam from London, while simultaneously reducing the price of fare to just £30.

Most of us, both those voted leave and those who voted stay, are now tired of the whole Brexit shambles. Even the celebrity at the Grammy and BAFTA couldn’t help but make fun of Brexit. Now with only 44 days left, we are seeing both politician, celebrities and even academics cry out of the whole Brexit process. EU President mentioned a “special place in Hell” for those who planned Brexit without one iota of a plan on how to implement it. Now with only 44days left you can’t help but wonder if he was right. Surely we should be in the implementation stage by now.

In fact the only people who are are supporting Britain leaving the EU are the world’s right wing groups and populist government like the 5 star movement in Italy. Who met with yellow vest protesters, against the democratically elected French government. Prompting the French government to recall its Ambassador to Italy. Perhaps that should be enough reason to be worried. However, when an economist and an academic goes naked live on TV, to denounce Brexit that is more than enough to getting to anyone worried. Not just because they naked to try to get us to pay attention but because, academics usually know what they are talking about and more importantly they have no barrier to move countries. In which case, this is usually referred to as brain drain. Something only dysfunctional countries and some developing countries understand all too well to mean the end if near.

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