30 Years Since The Internet Was Founded Where Are We Heading?

Today marks 30 years since the internet was founded. Most of us can still remember the dial up internet connection that was so slow, some people joked that sometimes going to deliver mail by hand was faster than sending the same mail via the internet. Today however, the internet has broadened so much that, most cities infrastructure is so intertwined with the internet, what is now commonly referred to as the internet of things (IoT). The threat to national security is also now possible through internet. Politics has and can be influenced through the internet, economics and business are being created daily through the internet. Now as we move past the third decade, what can we expect?

With the advancement in IoT, artificial intelligence and data analytics, the internet is growing into a whole other type of beast. We can predict consumer behaviour, forecast future weather conditions, predict human relationship and interactions and many more. However, are there any warning signs we need to look out for? Is there anything we need to avoid in the future going forward? For one, the amount of time we are spending online is increasing at a rapid rate. In certain cases, we tend to spend more time online than actually in our real life activities. There is already a large number of companies developing virtual environments (virtual reality). This would see a total immersion in the digital world.

While this can be quite fun and lead to mental simulation in a variety of ways, this is already leading to some questioning our real lives, with some even going further to say we are living in a simulation. Whatever the next 30 years hold for the internet, we need to remember fundamental reasons it was created in the first place, which is to connect people and share information.

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