Africa Rising How To Put Africa Back On The World Stage

What does it take to be great, why has Africa lost its place on the world stage and more importantly how can it get back to the top. This is what the innovative new start up in the UK called African BEST is trying to solve, by bringing together Africas best and brightest together, in order to collaborate on business, education, science and technology on an international level.

Africa as a continent is rich and has many natural resources from oil, gold, diamond, and many more, not to mention a very young vibrant population. However, when we talk about technological advancement, political stability and the rule of law, Africa ranks very low on these aspects, especially when compared with their counterparts in Europe and the US. So what is the solution to these problems, and how can they be addressed. We spoke with African BEST founder to try to understand, what he thinks is the solution.

Speaking from their office in Scotland, the African BEST founder, says that “focus has to be made on creating future leaders from the young African population, while at the same time developing and preparing the current African leaders for a software and technology based future”.  This is what African BEST which means African Business, Education, Science and Technology is all about. “We bring together future and current leaders from across the African continent, for the development and collaboration on these areas. In the same way you know about German engineering, French finess, British intelligence or American power, so also should Africa strive to have African technologies, made by Africans and exported to the world”.

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