Alibaba Futuristic Hotel Takes Human’s Out Equation

The ecommerce giant Alibaba has launched its futuristic new hotel in China that takes human out of the hotel equation. Guest sign in and can then access the hotel facilities including its automated robot, facial recognition software and many other benefits.

The futuristic hotel called FlyZoo is located at Hangzhou and has over 200 rooms available to guest. It allows guest to access services including ordering food, access lifts and check out through its app and facial recognition artificial intelligence AI technology. Once guest check out, all data and information is wiped from the hotel database.

The hotel uses robots to attend to guest and by doing so, the human staff presence in the hotel is kept to a minimum with only human guest present. Guest can order for food and drinks at the bar all being serve by robots. Could this be the future of hotels and the hospitality industry, where robots takes over normal human staff duties. Whatever the future is, it seems artificial intelligent technology is here to stay.

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