Are Cities Doing Enough To Reduce Green House Gas Emission?

With the exception of very few, most people agree that climate change and global warming is real, especially after the very hot summer this year, that has seen wild fires in the UK, Greece,  Portugal and flooding in Japan to mentioned just a few. Yet the question remains, are countries and more specifically cities doing enough to combat climate change and global warming?

The Paris Agreement was created following its predecessor the Copenhagen Agreement, in order to try to combat climate change by setting quotas for the reduction of green house gases, which every country had to meet. Some countries have set themselves additional targets to meet, such as the Netherlands that plans to ban all petrol or diesel fueled cars by the year 2030.  However, does more need to be done to combat climate change, especially in light of the very hot summer this year.

The United Kingdom like its European peers, has set itself targets to produce significantly more energy from the renewable sources by the year 2025. Also it plans to connect each household digitally through smart meters, in order help manage and improve energy usage, hence saving customers more money and making cities more sustainable. However, as we move closer to the second half of 2018 and the summer heat shows no signs of abating, is it time to review climate change and smart city initiatives to ensure, we are doing enough to combat climate change?

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