Brexit Claims Its Second Victim: Dyson To Move To Singapore

We previously mentioned in one of our articles, that Brexit might claim more victims after the Hitachi nuclear power plant was scraped. Now it seems that the second victim to be claimed by Brexit is Dyson, or indirectly the British working population. The great British story of the British entrepreneur who created the vacuum, and grew it into multiple innovative electronics is moving to Singapore.

The companies announced that it would be moving its headquarters from the UK to Singapore. It said this has nothing to do with Brexit but, rather becoming more international as a company. However, the company has already moved its production plant to Singapore, now the move of its headquarters away from the UK. It is unknown the impact this would have on the employment market, its employees and prospective future employees however, over 800 jobs are already been axed due to the move.

There is now less than 66 days lefts until Brexit. The uncertainty of what type of deal the UK will have with the rest of the EU has led to another company “Dyson” leaving the UK. The first company was Hitachi which announced that it was cancelling it nuclear power plant development in the UK. The impact of such company moves cannot be underestimated especially, for the UK job market, as such I hope we have seen the last of companies moving from the UK or cancelling project and that the UK government would provide more clarity in terms Brexit and if this means having people’s vote then so be it.

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