Can High Murder Rate In The U.K Be Reduced?

With statistics like one person killed every 3 days in London and 61 homicides recorded in Scotland in 2017. The question of knife crime and murder in the U.K’s top cities, is being discussed once again, especially after a young 17 year old girl was killed for no reason. We discuss if this rate can be reduced and how it might be.

The fact that high murder rates are seen in both the north and south of the U.K, shows that the problem is not one that is related to a particular minority or race. Also the current rate should not take from all the hard work being done by the police in keeping the public safe. For example Glasgow’s murder rate was reduced by half from 2007-2008 to date, through the introduction of its policing program. However, there is more to be done in order to solve UK violence or murder rate issues, a recent report showed that high murder rate and crime are due to poverty and austerity.

The areas and people who commit such acts, are usually in deprived areas or from poor backgrounds with little or no percieved prospect in life. While this is not a reason to turn to crime, idle hands and minds is the devils workshop, hence providing jobs and role models is required. In addition, to current programmes been implemented to reduce homicide.

Jobs that pay a liveable minimum wage, that give those working, pride, a way out and the belief for a better future. Role models that not only come from sports and entertainment but also, scientists and engineers, like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Emmett Chappelle, Mae Carol Jamison, Kathrine Coleman Goble Johnson and many more. Although, rappers, musicians, actors and sport stars are cool, in my mind there is still no one as cool as those scientist solving problems in science, technology engineering and mathematics, that change the way we live today.

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