Can You Solve This Brexit Gold Puzzle?

Assuming the Brexit negotiations are concluded the only thing left is, the payment of the separation bill. Due to the fact but both countries use different currencies and the instability in the markets. Both Europe and the UK have agreed to pay each other in gold.

Europe and Britain go to their reserves for the gold. They are given 10 stacks of gold coins. Each stack containing 10 golden coins. Nine of the stacks are made from genuine gold coins, but a single stack of gold coins contain fake gold coins. You know the weight of the gold coins, and you also know that each fake gold coin weights 1 g more than a genuine coin. What is the smallest number of weighting required to identify the fake gold coins stack, using a single pan scale that gives you the reading of the weight on the pan?

Note, choosing wrongly and paying with the fake gold coins, would be discovered after payment is made to or from Britain/Europe and as such more charges would be required. So it is important to choose wisely and pay genuinely.

Note for clarity and simplicity you can assume each genuine gold coin weights 1g, So a fake gold coin would weight 2g. Answers would be provided weekly/biweekly by our partners ALPHA ENGINEER

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1 thought on “Can You Solve This Brexit Gold Puzzle?

  1. This problem is an arithmetic problem and as such the solution lies in knowing what and how to add numbers. If we are to take one coin from the first pile, two from the second pile or stack, three from the third pile or stack and so on until we have coins from every stack.

    If we put them all together and weight the total weight, we can deduce which pile contain the fake stack of coin. For example, if the total weight of all the coins is 1g over weight we know it is from the first pile. If it is 2g over weight we know it is from the second pile an so on.

    So to answer the question, we only need to weight one time, to know exactly where the fake coins lie.

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