Can You Tell Who Is Lying? You Might Be A Genius

St George Academy at Bridge ‘O Don has a high reputation for rugby,  however not so high a reputation for accuracy. The Mean Greens played a match at Oldmachar recently, after which the girls were allowed to go to a concert. Miss Anne, the mistress in charge collected the team afterwards she saw ten girls emerge from the concert hall and one from the cinema next door. When she asked who had been to the cinema the members of the team replied as follows;

  • Joana Duggins : It was Joanna Wigg
  • Greta Gert:   It was I
  • Bessy Bunt:  Greta  Gert is a liar
  • Sandra Sand:  Greta Gert is a Liar  and so is Joanna Duggins
  • Osas Anton:  It was Bessy Bunt
  • Didi Anton:  It was neither Bessy nor I
  • Kristen Anton: It wasn’t any of us Anton girls
  • Joanna Wigg: It was either Bessy Bunt or Sandra Sand
  • Joanna Forest: Both of the other Joanna are telling lies
  • Lisa Lambada: Only one of the Anton girls is telling the truth
  • Frida Franco: No two of the Anton girls are telling the truth

Given that of these eleven statements, at least seven are false, who went to the cinema? Note the answers will be provided to on a biweekly basis by our partners ALPHA ENGINEER.

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