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Our Story

After growing tired of the receiving the same news repeated every 15mins, and sometimes irrelevant in terms of our interest and need. We decided to create a revolutionary platform that allows individuals receive and share quality concise, unbiased news  regardless of their location.

Our Approach

We apply the Internet of Things (IoT) philosophy, through automated scanning and collection of information on internet,  and bring such news and information directly to individuals on mobile, tablet and laptops regardless of their location worldwide.

Our Aim

We aim to be the leading platform that provides users with unbiased news and information worldwide. We believe that when people have all the necessary information, they are better placed to make the best decisions whether in terms of business, technology, politics, entertainment or sports.

  • Address
    England Office
    20 Wenlock Road
    N1 7GU, London,
    United Kingdom
  • Address
    Scotland Office
    83 Princes Street
    EH2 2ER, Edinburgh,
    United Kingdom

We are currently recruiting internationally for Journalist and Media consultants. If you would like to work in great entrepreneurial environment and make a real difference in the Media industry then, get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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