Could Driverless Cars Be On Our Streets By The End of 2019?

This is one of the targets set by the UK government, as it ramps up activities to try to have driverless car tested and on UK street before the end of this year. Companies such as Oxbotica are amongst those trying to create a future of driverless car in the UK.

In order for a car to be approved on the UK streets, it has to go through rigorous training and testing. Only after passing these UK Department of Transport tests, can it be allowed onto the streets. This because in the past driverless car have crash into pedestrians, in certain cases were fatal.

The main objective of the government is to have full automatous driverless cars, that is without anyone behind the wheel, on the road by the year 2021. This would hopefully help reduce the amount of people killed every year due to the humans driving.

Although some believe that automatous driving technology might still not be ready. Others are taking to proving the technology not just past pilots, but onto the UK streets before end of the 2019. If successful there are also other challenges for Governments. For example the need to development regulations and legislations which deal with blame and insurance, if driverless car crashes who is to blame for such a crash, the software company, the owner of the car or another third party?

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