Dancing Fever: When Politicians Hit The Dance Floor

Unfortunately for Theresa May (and for us who have witnessed it) she became the latest Politician to have to endure the awkwardness of dancing in public.  As well as the known pressures and competencies needed for running a country it seems having rhythm is the newest qualification being added to this list. Theresa May at least gave it a go when she visited ID Mkize school in Cape Town, South Africa earlier this week. It did however make a nice change from the mundane Post Brexit Britain jibber-jabber which was the main purpose of Mrs. May’s trip to South Africa.

Theresa May isn’t the only one who has had to succumb to unpleasant dancing pressures within the public eye. Earlier this year French President Emmanuel Macron willing or unwilling, it is hard to say which, took to the stage in Nigeria for a short dance which was of course captured by the worlds photographers and plastered worldwide.

It seems 2018 is the year of the dance as Canada’s President Justin Thrudeau was the next in line to have his moves scrutinized maybe more harshly than his fellow peers. On his state visit to India he performed some striking and slightly abnormal Bollywood Steps. Many Indians were very impressed with his moves however, the same cannot be said for across the pond where one Canadian tweeted ”My friggin gawd. We may need an extraction team”.

Though not performed in 2018, one cannot speak about dancing Politicians without the mention of George W. Bush. In 2007 he performed what can only be likened to drunk parent dancing with members of the Kankouran West African Dance company during an event to mark Malaria Awareness Day at the White House. Though his moves were uncoordinated, President Bush himself seemed to be having a great time and at the end of the day that is what it is all about.


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