Does Liam Neeson Deserve A Medal For His Admission?

The Hollywood action actor Liam Neeson, made headlines when he admitted on air that he sort revenge on a black man, after his friend got raped. In the candid discussion, the actor described how he walked around with a gun, looking for the black man who raped his friend.

The candid admission by the actor, drew a lot of shock from people who were surprised by the actors thoughts and his plans. Presenter Piers Morgan condemn Liam‘s confession. However, others like the football legend John Barnes defended the actor, saying the actor was honest enough to realised that is was a racist thoughts for a week and that he felt ashamed of himself.

Most people whether black or white, at some point in their lives might have had racist or biased views or thoughts however, to admit it and be ashamed of ones thoughts and actions is truly a show of good character. In this case, I agree with football legend John Barnes, Liam Neeson deserves our respect and I wish more people would be brave enough to admit racism or bias and then learn from it. Failing to admit its existence, only fuels it and allows it to grow even more.

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