Have You Seen Edinburgh Own Rambo?

Millions of people visit the Scottish capital of Edinburgh every year for vacation. However, a certain occurrence of “Rambo” looking man walking around in black short, black sleeveless shirt and a back pack has everyone wondering who he is. Rain, snow or sunshine he can be seen walking through the capital in his usually custom. Known to some as “Edinburgh Rambo” We ourself have spotted him at different locations in Edinburgh from Old Town to New Town.

The reason for wondering man in Edinburgh is yet unknown, drawing different comments from people. Some say it might due to mental health issues which, is quite high in Scotland and the UK as a whole within Europe. As he can sometimes be seen talking out loud. Others say he could be the Edinburgh equivalent to “Rambo” the American action movie hero, player by Sylvester Stallone. Others pointed out that, if such a man was of ethnic minority or different religion, he might not be allowed to wonder so freely by the authorities.

Whatever the truth is, the fact that Edinburgh might have its own Rambo, has many people beginning to wonder and ask why their cities does not have their own Rambo like Edinburgh. Perhaps Edinburgh could loan its Rambo to other cities as well.

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