Is A People’s Vote Around The Corner?

With the recent government defeat on its Brexit deal, the question on if a second referendum or a people vote is around the corner, is more likely. Even the former UKIP leader Nigel Farage seems to be back campaigning again. Reading between the lines and with Brexit less than 68 days away and hundreds of legislations to comb through, perhaps a people’s vote might be the only way from the dead lock.

Although the UK PM Theresa May has not yet confirmed the people’s vote, she has however, taken a first step in the right direction, by scraping the fees required for EU citizen filing¬†to stay in the UK after Brexit. Some EU countries, not all have reacted in kind with UK citizens living abroad. The PM has promised to increase efforts, to ensure all EU countries provide similar assurance for UK citizens living and working abroad.

With all UK voters now more informed on what is on offer after Brexit, that is both in the EU and outside the EU. Perhaps it is now time to put the vote to the people, after all, if both sides are sure about their arguments, there is nothing to be afraid of, as any subsequent vote should only show more people voting on their believed causes.

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