Is An Energy Revolution Closer Than We Think?

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg clearly think so, with the recent creation of a molecule that is capable of storing energy for 18 years. The question of if, an energy revolution is closer than we think, might be more relevant than ever. Perhaps similar to when Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity or Nikola Tesla developed the Alternative Current (AC) Motor, this new finding could change the way energy is produced and used globally.

Researcher at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden conducted the research which led to the discovery of this molecule.  Their research looks at developing energy systems capable of producing energy to meet global demands beyond the use of fossil fuel. They achieved this through the use of a new material novel norbornadiene derivative, which provides the type of energy storage qualities required when solar energy meets a solar panel or similar device.

Solar energy perceived by some as the most advanced source of energy capable of meeting future demands, has been slow in up take due to the cost when compared with conventional energy, hence requiring government subsidies. However, with the falling in production prices and now the discover of the new molecule, could the energy revolution be closer than we think?


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