Is Baby Gene Editing Going Too Far?

A Chinese scientist He Jiankui recently announced that he had edited a real baby gene, a feature which has been usually left alone by other western scientists for obvious reasons. The announcement came as a shock to the scientist committee, as even some of his fellow researchers were not aware until he officially announced it.

Since the announcement the scientist He Jiankui has been place on house arrest it is believed with little or no contact with the out side world. Previously scientists in Scotland edited and cloned a sheep. However, most scientists agreed that the ethical concerns and disadvantages of editing a real baby far out weight any foreseen benefits that can be gained from editing a human baby.

It is encouraging to see that even the Chinese condemned the real baby editing research by He Jiankui. However, it is still to be seen what the Chinese research and scientist committee, will do with the work from the scientist. The question is been asked when scientists go too far, how should society react to ensure society values are not lost?

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