Is Ethics Possible In Artificial Intelligence?

This was one of the main points of discussion during the technology conference which included major technology players and artificial intelligence enthusiasts. Google has announced it would be setting up an AI ethics board to help govern the development of AI however, when it added a far right think tank Heritage Foundation founder Kay Coles James objection was raised by researchers from Microsoft, Google, Facebook and leading university.

The ethics of AI is quite important as its implication can be quite significant for society at large as we move to a more digital society. For example researcher previously found that AI facial recognition had a bias toward ethic minorities. An issue is currently being corrected. Also as there is no one governing body or group overseeing the development of AI and its implementation. It can be used for virtually anything. Our engineers wrote an algorithm capable of transcribing conversation within a specific devices as laptops, iPad, phones etc

German politicians called for the formation of a body which would oversee the development and use of AI. However, as AI is seen as the next arms race with countries like China and Russia investing rapidly and developing AI, the possibility of such a body seems less likely. However, companies like the AI Ethics Lab are researching and developing possible ethics that could be used within the AI. As such ethics in AI is possible and crucial to future adoption of AI, however, only time will tell if every one is willing to abduct such or similar ethics in future.

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