Is It Possible For The Internet To Be Split?

This was one of the topics discussed in Davos earlier this year. With the CEO of Sinovation Venture Kaifu Lee, who believes the internet could be split in future. The split would see both the US and China applications and services dominating the internet in future.

The “splitinternet” as it is known, would see two main internet governed by different laws, regulations and perhaps shared insfrastucture. This was predicted by some, that it could start happening within the next five years. CEO Kaifu Lee also predicted that, China could over take the US in artificial intelligence AI. Al which is believed by most as the next human evolution, has seen investment and activities by countries and government in order not to be left behind in it next revolution.

To a certain degree this prediction could be possible, we already see in China, applications and services can be at times very different to European and Western countries. Also the amount Chineses investment in internet companies and infrastructure is growing steadily with companies like Alibaba acquiring stakes in Asia ecommerce Lazada. It is now a matter of time, five year accordingly to predictions, to see if the “splitinternet” will become a reality.

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