Is Privacy A Luxury No Longer Available To The Masses?

Technology advancement have meant that it is now possible to do things we never thought possible before. You can now carry out surveillance from a completely different location to the person been watched through technologies like drones. You can monitor peoples movement and their activities online through internet of things technology. Research conducted by DuckDuckGo a privacy focused company found that Google still monitored users even when they were not logged on.  This shows that Google as a company has come a long way from its “Do No Evil” Motto. A report by the independent shows that Google records voice conversation near phones.

In order to avoid such impediment on human rights, we need to the firstly be aware that such technology exists which can be used against us. Secondly, we need to be knowledgable enough to know how to deactivate such device or technologies in order to maintain our privacy and freedom. Also equally important is, that there is enough legalisation by government to ensure that such human rights are not tramped on.  Sometimes this means lobbying governments to ensure laws match technology advancement, which is no small challenge.

In certain underdeveloped or third world countries, government use such technologies against its citizens for political reasons. However, what is very troubling, is that in today’s political environment, we see are starting to see first world countries applying such technologies against its own citizens as well. Unless you are among a small group of individuals whose rights and privacy are looked after by a team of experts in law and technology, chances are your rights are or have not imposed on without your knowing.

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