Is It Possible To Solve Britain’s Class Problem?

Firstly we need to acknowledge that Britain has such a problem, High knife crime in London, that was previously seen in Glasgow, an increase in suicide rates especially during festive season, the highest level of homelessness, and highest mental health issues in Europe. These are just a few symptoms of the class problem in the United Kingdom and this is all before we start talking about Brexit. What class problem some might say? However, before we discuss the problem, it is important to understand class.

Class refers to social standing in society, it is usually divided into 3 groups. These are top class, middle class and lower class. Top class refers to a group of individuals with significant ownership of lands and other special rights. Also their wealth (not just riches grows) When we say land, we do not refer to a mortgage for a house, but rather estates i.e. multiple vast lands. Middle class usually means a group of individuals educated to a certain level, earning enough to maintain a certain life style and who might be lucky enough to have a mortgage (riches might grow based on investment but does not have wealth).  Lower class refers to a group of individuals usually uneducated, earning minimum wage and only able to survive based on support from government programs (does not have riches or wealth). There are of course some success stories of social mobility especially, of minorities who tend to be under represented on most aspects in society

There are always differences in society however, for a society to be fully functioning for everyone not just a few, people from any class should be able to move from one class to another class especially, with hard work and dedication. This is usually referred to as social mobility. If the child of a policeman wants to be become an engineer or CEO or anything, he is currently unable to as, society does not allow such mobility. This is due to variety policies such as low income, tripling of tuition fees for students without tripling parents salaries, inequality and non-transparency in pay, gender and social inequality etc.  Also less people own their own homes, due to the significant amount of equity required before a bank can lend buyers hence creating generation renter. The government has begun steps to address some of these factors however, this is just the beginning.

There are of course rare cases where entrepreneurs, make it successfully in the current system however, they make it in spite of the system, not because of the system which should not be the case. As a society, we seem to be seeing homelessness everywhere and increasing crimes rate. However, until everyone not just a few are included in society and allowed to reach their full potential regardless of how they sound, place of birth, religion, social class or education, we will continue to see these social class problem symptoms across in the UK. In countries like Scandinavia where, everybody is included in society, there is a healthy and better way of life. Until recently due to the political climate, the greatest nation in terms of  innovation, economic, business, education, human right etc was the United States of America. This was due to the fact that, everyone from every kind of background Irish, Scottish, French, Greek, Italian, African, Mexican, Portuguese, Asian were welcomed and allowed to be the best they can be. By so doing, the best of the best from everywhere created American society and not just a few.

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