Is The Far Right Behind France Yellow Vest Protest?

The yellow vest protest in France has been going on for over 4 months now. Most people don’t seem remember why it was started in the first place. With the amount of vandalism ongoing in some of Paris most beautiful locations, it is now making people wonder whether such protest is in fact for the people. In this article we tried to look at the reason for the protest and consider if it is indeed for the people, by the people or if it is just the far right trying to destabilise the government.

The original yellow vest protest started over 18 weeks ago and was due to the increase in fuel prices in France. The initial anger by people was understood, as Paris is one of the most expensive place to live, so it came as no surprise as people came out to protest this fuel prices. However, after the French government agreed to suspend the fuel price increase, the protest continued unabated. Even spiralling out of control into violence and vandalism, leading to huge cost in damages and even a loss of life.

The once peaceful protest seem to have been hijacked by some people from the far right campaign with other ideas, such as removing the democratically elected president and government, instead of wining the next election like any other Democratic Party. Even with thousand of people under the banner of red scarves protest campaigning against the violence and matching in support of the government. With the increase in antisemitism, islamophobia and racism, it seems the far right might now be resulting to such tactics in order to overthrow governments and push through their own policies. In the Netherlands a far right party is already gaining ground. If indeed the yellow vest protest was about the fuel price increase, they should have stopped after the French government suspended the increase in price. However, it seems they have another motives, such as the change in government.

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