Is The Scottish Government Doing Enough For Minorities?

We have become accustomed to the Scottish Government pointing the finger at the UK Government, in terms of its lacking in its policies to the country’s most needy. However, is the Scottish Government doing enough to support minorities and those of different religions? In this article, I will review current policies and how they may be affecting minority and those of different religious background.

While England is not without issues, there are certain aspects, that stand out in its battle to become an equal society, where every one with hard work and dedication can rise in the social ladder to become whoever they want. For example when you visit London airport, you are met with a multi-cultural staff of different races and religion. On the other hand, when you arrive at Edinburgh airport, the reception is quite different and chilly. And by chilly, I don’t refer to the weather, but the way in which you are greeted into bonny Scotland, especially if you look or sound different.

Also in most companies that operates in England, there tend to be a distribution employees from different race and religion. Although, this is quite low higher up in the corporate ladder, the UK Government wants to take steps to ensure, inequality in salary for all employees regardless of sex, race or religon. In Scotland on the other hand, there tends to be little or no minority in companies or higher up in the corporate ladder. While the national average of minority employement is 67%, Scotland lags behind with only 57% employment of minorities as of 2016, which was lower than the prior year.

Some believe the Scottish Government will blame the high unemployment of minorities on Brexit also. There are obvious policies which the Scottish Government can pass, through its devolve powers to ensure its meets with and even exceeds minority employment in the rest of the UK.

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