Is There Something More Between Brad Cooper & Lady Gaga?

Fans can’t help but notice, the chemistry between actor Brad Cooper and singer Lady Gaga. The pair acted a movie together A Star Is Born in which the couple were in a relationship however, after the couple delivered an emotional performance at the Oscars. People are beginning to wonder if this is life imitating art.

Brad Cooper ex wife Jennifer Esposito has previously weighted into the pair supposedly relationship on twitter, saying “ha” when a fan commented that the pair that must be having a sexual relationship and cannot just be friends. The fan apparently didn’t even know he was once married. A fact which Brad’s ex clarified with a “yup”

Brad Cooper is currently in a relationship with model Irina Shayk and they share a child together. Lady Gaga split with her boyfriend Christian Carino of about year. Although both didn’t blame any specific reason for the split it did coincide with the release of the film. However, with the chemistry of Lady Gaga and Brad Cooper, fans can’t help but think that there is something more they are not sharing with the rest of us.

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