Mind Reading Implants From Science-Fiction To Science Fact

For a very long time the ability to read ones mind has been thought of as impossible, except when in sci-fiction context. However, scientists have discovered a way to read people mind and then translate their thoughts into words. No longer is mind reading an impossible sci-fi idea, its not now reality in the 21st century through the advancement in technology

The team from the University of California which created the technology, says the technology can be used to help people who are not able to talk and others. The technology uses electrodes to collect electrical signal from the brain and this signal is then converted to physical movement the mouth make to provide different sounds. This done through the a power computer which then produces the sound through a virtual voice.

While the technology is not perfect yet it is already seen as a great advancement for technology, with some expert already saying it could help improvement patients with paralysing condition, spinal cord injuries, ALS, locked in syndrome and others. Other future long term scenarios could be see brain-computer interface and even telepathic communications between human beings.

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