OECD Finally Unveils Artificial Intelligence Principles

For the first time ever the organisation of economic co-operation and development (OECD) has unveiled the first ever artificial intelligence guiding principle to ensure that trustworthy development of artificial intelligence. Also other countries not in the OECD have also adopted the new principles including Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Romania and Costa Rica.

The new principle was created by both expert in the artificial intelligence, business leaders and government representatives. The principle covers several aspects including digital risk, security, privacy and business conduct. The principles aims to ensure human rights, diversity and democracy are not impose on. Accordingly, the principle states that AI development and implementation should be of benefit to the society as a whole.

There are several challenges which the OECD and this new AI principle will face. They include keeping up with the rapid development of artificial intelligence field, so as to monitor and improve the principle as and when required. While the acceptance and implementation of such principle is not legally required by any countries. The second challenge is how the OECD enforces such principles in countries who adopt this policy.

Also the policy has been has been endorsed by US president Trump. It now remains a matter of time to see if, other leading economies such as Russia, China and India will adopt and abide by the OECD principles.

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