As the year comes to an end we look at the top technology in 2018 and highlights the technology that made an impact and are sure to continue to make impact in the year 2019. Perhaps the first technology which has gained popularity more recently especially in the year 2018 is artificial intelligence. It is currently applied to multiple industries and technologies including some of the technology mentioned in this list.

Space technology flight and exploration has been going on for quite some time now by both government and private entities. However, it was 2018 that Sir Richard Branson space venture virgin galactica made its first successful space voyage flight. Also tech entrepreneur Elon Musk started developing pods for space habitation. Another tech entrepreneur in the space exploration space is Jeff Bezos Blue Origins.

Another technology to make an huge impact is automatous vehicles, with the advancement in artificial intelligence and development of regulations around the transport industry, companies have been making great strides in developing fully automatous vehicles. From large company such as google to smaller tech companies such as waymo and

With the global warming challenges faced by the all countries, the ability to produces sufficient energy for the world, while reducing green house gases is crucial. As such country and indeed companies are developing solutions that could help meet these demands, while keeping with the Paris Agreement. In the Netherlands there is a set target for the cars to be completely fossil free by 2025. Tech start up ALPHA ENGINEER developed a way significantly increase the energy captured from renewable energy.

Also as we move into a more digital future, there is now the possibility of physical cash been replaced by digital currency. In Denmark there is plan to completely replace cash from society. Fin-tech start ups are already developing digital solution that might make cash and to a certain extent banks irrelevant. Innovative banks in turns are developing in house solutions or partnering with finch to ensure such changes. Blockchain technology is being implemented in several industries. Cryptocurrencies have arisen to billions of dollar valuations within a short time, with government struggling to legislate fast enough with the technology development.

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