Scientists Defy Laws Of Thermodynamics

Scientist in Switzerland has found a way to defy the law of thermodynamics, the law which basically states heats flow from hot to cold until an equilibrium is reached. However, for the first time ever scientists from the University of Zurich have shown the reverse is possible.

The benefits and practicality of such a reality is endless from Aerospace, Space exploration and others. Scientists from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) previously showed the departure from thermodynamics laws. Now with these new discovery by the Zurich University in Switzerland, in thermodynamics laws, there is bound to be significant gains across industries and applications.

One of the more practical uses from such a discovery could be the cooling of NASA and other space rockets without needing to use significant amount of energy in the process, hence allowing more energy to produced by combustion for throttle. It is now only a matter of time to see how this discovery will be used.

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