Shocking Reason We Shouldn’t Pay For TV Licensing!

Most people who own a TV have to pay for TV license in order to use their TV, except if they are over 75 years old which is according to the ongoing concession which, tries provide TV licensing to pensioners for free. However, we look at the shocking reasons why we shouldn’t pay. On the contrary, we should be paid to watch TV.

TV license in the UK provides UK resident with services provided by the British Broadcasting Company BBC, including infrastructure and other services. However, this is only looking at services from one dimension only. Most of us when we watch TV, see loads of adverts whether we want to or not. This is because we are being sold by TV companies to advertising and marketing companies, as the number of people at any one time likely to watch a TV show or see an advert.

So why are the general public , especially the elderly still being charged for TV license. As without the general public watching TV, the whole business model of the TV companies and TV marketing companies would not function. Perhaps it is time we start getting paid for TV license, instead of the other way around.

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