Should The SEC Drop Its Case Against Elon Musk?

As the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) threatens frauds charges against Elon Musk, the self made tech billionaire puts an ultimatum to his company board, deal with the SEC or I will quit” The value of the tech entrepreneur is quite significant, as he built the company from the ground up and his departure would be detrimental and here is why.

When we think of driving electric car, we usually picture a small ugly looking car. However, if someone says Tesla all of a sudden, that is converted to a vision of luxurious car design and effective engineering. At the moment Tesla has little or no directly competitors in electric vehicle market. When we talk about autonomous vehicles, there are a couple worth mentioning including AutonomouStuff, and Tier IV However, Tesla already has the semi-autonomous driving which is usually referred to as Level 2 or Level 3 on the autonomous driving.

So the treat by Elon Musk to quit, is one to be taken quite seriously because, while Tesla competitors or challengers might gain from Tesla demise. The real losers at the end of the day, will be the every day consumer like us and the environment as a whole. So perhaps the answer is yes in this case.

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