Temperature Drop Shows Climate Change Challenges

As temperature across Europe and America drops to extreme lows, with the UK temperature dropping to an average to-20C in some places. In the US certain places saw temperature as low as -50C, with over eight people already reported dead due to the extreme weather.

With such low extreme temperatures not seen in years, perhaps it is time that countries start reviewing the Paris Agreement and climate change challenges. Although several countries agreed to the Paris agreement, a report showed that some of these countries were not in line to meet set climate targets. The United Kingdom ranks poorly with countries such as Spain and other eastern European countries, while countries like Sweden, Portugal, France and Netherlands ranks highly with meeting targets.

Last year the US president Trump pulled out of the Paris agreement sighting that fact climate change “punishing US and cost jobs” Although most other US tech leaders strongly disagreed and asked that the US continues with the Paris agreement. Now with such drastic temperature drops, perhaps it is time the US and the rest of the world start taking meeting their Paris Agreement targets seriously.

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