The Jobs Artificial Intelligence Just Can’t Do

As we move more to a digital age, with automation and efficiency, artificial intelligence seems to touch all aspect of society and industries, with some worried that they might lose their jobs and livelihood to artificial intelligence.  However, in this article we look at jobs that will not be replaced by artificial intelligence and why this is the case.

Artificial intelligence which involves using algorithms in some way or form to learn or implement a certain commands, is well known for automaton, machine learning and computer vision. These have been applied to several industries, in order to improve the way certain tasks are completed, for example in the National Health Services (NHS) in the United Kingdom for diagnosis. However, even within the health services there are certain roles, that cannot be replaced and for good reason. An example of these are, Doctors and Mid Wives.

The reason why such roles cannot be replaced by AI is because, they require a high level of intelligence IQ and emotional intelligence EQ. For example when a woman visits a hospital in labour or stress, doctors and mid wives can diagnose relatively quickly what is wrong and provide emotional care and support required. On the hand, while artificial intelligence might be very high in IQ, it is lacking greatly when compared to human EQ. As such these jobs and roles are more likely to continue to be filled and done by humans for a very long time, much to the delight of their patients.

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