Welcome To The New Political Battle Ground

Forget about the physical political landscape, forget about trying to get people from your post code or city to vote for you. If you want to win an election, any election in fact you need to start competing on the digital landscape. This is where political carriers are made, and don’t take my word for it, the current President Donald Trump, who recently made the switch from business onto the political landscape and is active on his social media account where he has millions of followers.

As more and more people spend their time online, the ability to acquire some of that time and influence those online is becoming ever more important. This is not only true for politics but also business. As high street shops continue to close down stores around the world, Amazon the ecommerce giant reached market capital of a trillion US dollars.      

Not withstanding public debates, which also has a huge impact on voters decision when deciding who to vote for and why. Candidates activities online and ability to get the message across, as to what they are doing is crucial to convincing voters. So not only do candidates need to be politically astute, they also need to be technologically savvy, as the line between winning and loosing an election is a very thin line, the line text limited by twitter twit

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