What The Art World Can Learn From France’s Example

After colonial rule in Africa, most countries kept the art and cultural artefacts after they left the respective countries. However, France is the first country to take the decision to return some of these artefacts. Some of which belong to the Benin Kingdom in Africa. Is it time that other countries followed suit?

The history and culture of a country is written in its art and history books. However, if such artefacts are lost or not maintained by the country, then there is the chance of that country losing its history and identity. This is seen when extremist groups in the middle east for example take control and destroy a countries artefacts.

Although western countries did not destroy African artefacts, it did however, misappropriate those artefacts by taking it and storing it in western museums instead of returning those artefacts, especially after relationships between African countries and former colonial powers improved. France is the first western country to take steps to return such artefacts and by so doing has shown itself to be one of the most progressive of western nations. Perhaps it is time that other countries followed its example.

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