Who Is To Blame For High Mental Health Issues?

The United Kingdom has the highest level of mental health issues in the whole of Europe. One in six people have mental health issues, however what are the reasons why the UK has such high levels of mental issues and are the government policies, security and policing or social media to blame? We review each of these cases and possible reasons that might be creating such cases. We do not discuss cases of people born with such mental health issues, as this is caused more from genetic than society.

Government Policies

Although the UK is one of the most prosperous country in Europe, it has one of the largest level of inequality. When two people do the same jobs, one is paid less because of their sex, race or religion, or when two people walk down a street they treated differently because of how they look or sound. With over 250,000 homeless people without any real support from the government, they are treated as outcasts. Some with jobs are still dependent on government support, in order to make ends meet and support their families. An increase in income tax, council tax and if you can still can make it the work, then why why not increase train fare as well. It is no coincidence that mental health issues is highest among the most vulnerable in society and minorities.

Security & Policing Policies

Also the government mass surveillance and monitoring of its citizens, which was condemned by the European Courts as against human rights. In fact, the constant monitoring and abuse of human rights has not yet be studied fully to understand the impact on mental health. The police was recently taken to the European Court of Human Rights after, a 94 year old man was added to the government list of “domestic terrorist” for campaigning and activism. However, he won the case against the government, after the police refused to remove his name from the list. In additon to this, the government uses migrants bank accounts in order to track their movement infringing on the right to freedom, especially when most migrant are fleeing a hostile environment for a better life.

The government is also readily developing physiological warfare tools for obvious reason “Russia” however, it is not known exactly how and more importantly, who these tools are tested upon. Is it its citizens, the vulnerable, the minorities, those of the lower social classes or criminals? What is certain is that Britain high level of mental health issues needs to be addressed. The good news is that not all is lost, as inequality and mental health issues vary from one place to the next in the UK. After the report by UK MP David Lammy, that showed institutional racism, there has yet to be concrete steps taken against such practices. Some might draw another link between the most vulnerable in society and minorities. Perhaps this explains why the UK wanted to leave the Human Right Act.

Social Media

The government is fond of pointing the finger at social media giants, who must be said don’t help matter by allowing bullying and trolling of people online. However, social media are quick to point out the freedom of speech aspect which adds to the technical difficulty of monitoring speech on the digital platform. However, before someone is affected so mentally from online abuse, they must have suffered from as joblessness, homelessness or isolation from society all of which stem in one or the other from government or policing policies. So the issue of mental health should be addressed on all fronts not just laying the blame purely on social media. Less we forget mental health issues existed before the invention of social media.

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