Who Will Be The First To Put Passengers In Space

Sir Richard Branson has set a target of being able to place passengers in the space before Christmas, the billionaire entrepreneur runs a space company aimed at taking people on board to space. The venture Virgin Galactic already has hundreds of people paid up to reserved seat for the travel to space. There are several billionaires trying to make the space travel a reality, including Jeff Bezos founder of amazon creator Blue Origins Space program and Elon Musk founder of Tesla creator SpaceX .

The private sector can help the government accelerate some of its technology and targets, this is the reason why it is so important that entrepreneurs from the private sector continue to develop and innovate. The rocket propulsion systems has not changed since, its invention and is about the same used in space rockets today.  The venture Virgin Galactic led by Richard Branson has added an innovation to its shuttles, as its rockets are launched in mid air from another flight carrier, as oppose to from the ground.

Now with Jeff Bezos targeting putting people into space by the year 2019 and Richard Branson setting his target for before christmas, the space race has truly begone. Now all that remains is, to see what innovation will get people to space and more importantly how affordable it will be for the masses.


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