Why Canada Joining The Space Race With CanadArm3 Is So Important

Canada has officially announced that it will be joining the NASA space launch to the moon. Missions to the moon have been neglected for almost 50 years. However, with the space exploration competition race heating up, moon missions are back on with space exploration. The main competitors include, China, Russia, the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Canada. The Canadian PM has committed to NASA space exploration for the next 24 years.

For this particular NASA Space exploration to the moon, Canada adds several technologies including a smart (intelligent) robotic mechanic arm already been called the CanadArm3. So why is this important. Well, earlier China landed on the part of the moon not previously landed on by any other country, emerging as one of the front contenders for the space exploration title.

Also the US new administration planned to cut NASA space exploration budget, so the investment of over $2 Billions dollars by Canada will go a long way to putting US and Canada in a leading position in space exploration, especially now that space exploration competition heats up. The announcement was welcomed by NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine and Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques.

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