Why Churchill Was A Hero Not A Villain

The question of if, Winston Churchill is a hero or villain is one that usually causes divide in politics, parties and public opinons. This was the question posed to MP John McDonnell, who responded by saying that Churchill was a villain. In which he refers to the way in which Churchill dealt with the riot in Wales in 1910. He is not alone in his thinking as, Scottish MSP Ross Greer, agrees with McDonnell. As he spoke openly about Churchill, saying Churchill was a “white supermacist” and “mass murderer” referring to Bengal Famine 1943 which he attributes to Winston Churchill.

However, others have also defended Churchill including his great grand son Sir Nicholas Soames saying that McDonnell was seeking publicity and calling him a “Poundland Lenin”. Also conservative MP deputy chairman James Cleverly said Ross Greer accounts of events were “superficial and inaccurate”

We sometimes forget that, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown or that where there is great responsibility, so also is there bound to be great error. If we were to judge everyone, purely on their errors, perhaps there would be no one left to carry out the judgement. Winston Churchill is a hero and perhaps one of the greatest Brits that lived because, in spite of his faults he rose up when his nation and others needed a defender against true great tyranny. He is one of the reasons, why we can all have such debates in the United Kingdom in English not German, not that there is anything wrong with the German language of course.

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