Why Does Britain Want To Leave The Human Right Act?

The human rights act is an important legislation or law that allows each individual several fundamental rights including but not limited to freedom of expression, thought, belief and religon amongst others, so it comes as a surprise that the United Kingdom wanted to leave such a monumental Human Right Act. After all it is such an act that protects everyone by law, against antisemitism, islamophobia, racism or any such attacks.

The arguments that are usually made by those wanting to scrap the Human Rights Act is that, it gets in the way of extraditing known terrorists however, does taking away the human rights of millions of people justify been able to extradite one or a few terrorists, especially when they could be locked up like any other criminal. Another argument is that the security and intelligent services need to keep an eye on known terrorists however, if it means abusing the privacy and human rights of all ordinary citizens is it worth it. Luckily the UK parliament saw the importance of people having their human rights, as the UK government attempts to scrap the Human Right Act was defeated in parliament.

There has been several cases of abuses of human rights of normal law abiding UK citizens, with the Brexit close it seems the UK might also attempt to leave the human rights act. As the UK love-hate affair with the EU Court of Human Right started a long time and is bound to continue after Brexit. However, whatever happens after Brexit, it is important to see if the UK will respect and abide by the Human Rights Act or attempt to scrap it quietly.

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