Why New Zealand Prime Minister Response To The Terror Attack Is One Of The Best Ever

After the horrific racist and islamophobia terror attacks in New Zealand Christchurch, by the far right terrorists. The New Zealand Prime Minister gave one of the most memorable and moving speeches ever, in which she describes the terrorist as non presentative of the New Zealand people. She also said that the muslim victims are New Zealand and New Zealand are the muslim victims, while the terrorist is not.

What makes the Prime Minister of New Zealand response to the terror attack quite unique and worth copying is that, She chooses to honour the victims so deeply while, at the same time completely isolating the far right terrorist. Saying that the terrorist wanted to create separation but, they brought people together, which was evident in the support from all people from New Zealand and the world at large, with some even proposing to stand watch while muslims pray. She also said they wanted to be famous and notoriety however, they would be forgotten and remain nameless.

In following with the New Zealand Prime Minister lead, perhaps it is time that the media and others start avoiding giving so much attention to such terrorists, as this only serves to encourage those that might seek such attention and notoriety. As such terrorist don’t deserve to be remembered or named. They should always remain nameless, while those who had their life snatched before their time, should live on forever in our memory and acts.

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